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Nebulosa is a wine and cheese bar with a focus on charcuterie and cocktails. The nebulous leopard species served as the inspiration for the logo and was the starting point for the development of the visual identity. This endangered leopard, which moves among the tree branches, influenced the brand's aesthetic.

Located in an area of historic Lisbon, with a cozy and elegant interior, Nebulosa invites you to sample exquisite cheeses and charcuterie, signature cocktails, and an exceptional wine selection featuring the finest European grape varieties. The graphic design was thoughtfully crafted to convey the charm and quality promised by the project, aligning with the overall concept of the space.

The color palette is reminiscent of Bordeaux reds, lending richness and elegance. The logo comes in two variations, with or without the representation of the leopard, providing greater flexibility and impact when used across various assets.


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