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         I've been in the game for over 10 years, with experience both in agencies and on the client side.

I studied Communication Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon, but it was hands-on experience that taught me to be involved in the entire communication process, from creative ideation to technical execution.


          I'm a good listener, I analyze, learn, and set goals. They call me a workaholic, but I prefer to call myself a Goal Digger.

I have an unquenchable desire to make things happen, and I make sure to see everything through to the end. Some may find me childish, but I believe it's that adult immaturity that allows me to approach challenges with wonder, curiosity, and a lot of excitement in finding answers.


          I don't like to leap blindly, but when I do, I challenge logic and always have my alter-ego to lean on.

For me, it's all about strategy, intuition, and perception.

When the moment of truth arrives, my only rule is to not let the ship capsize, and I always steer it to safe harbor.




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Website branding and social media management

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